Entrada X 1080P Full HD with 2-inch LCD Screen 140° Wide Angle, G-Sensor, 32GB Rubber Coated Security Camera for Car (Black)

(6 customer reviews)

Rs.4,599.00 Rs.3,499.00-24%

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Entrada X 1080P Full HD with 2-inch LCD Screen 140° Wide Angle, G-Sensor, 32GB Rubber Coated Security Camera for Car (Black)

(6 customer reviews)

Rs.4,599.00 Rs.3,499.00-24%

Hammer X is the smallest 2-inch screen dash cam that comes with all important features like G-Sensor, Parking Monitor, Motion Detection and Loop Recording. A must-have dashboard camera recorder for first-time drivers and drivers that care about safety, but not complexity. The most essential features – 1080P/30fps recording. It’s simple to set up, stealthy appearance and cooling system design make it a perfect dash camera for even the simplest of cars. You will always have confirmed video evidence to back you up in any driving disputes. You can secure yourself to avoid any risks of losing insurance claims.

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Why choose Entrada Dash Cameras?

Entrada’s greatest vision is to cater for the growing security and safety concerns of thousands of Indian drivers by offering reliable drive recorder systems using state of the art dash cam technology.

Entrada dash cams are designed keeping in mind the various challenges faced by various segments, be it for personal or commercial usage. The Dash Cam becomes your independent digital eyewitness, whose video footage can be used in a court of law or can be shown to your insurance company or local police to prove your innocence.

Efficiently Prevent Parking Accidents

Parking can be a nightmare, especially for beginner drivers who tend to accidentally scratch other cars while they are struggling to park theirs. It can efficiently record vandals who are trying to break into your car, especially if you use to leave your vehicle unattended in public places or in areas that are poorly lit.

For Female drivers

Dash cams, are a must have gadget for a women safety on road. While women Safety is a major concern for everyone, women drivers specifically can feel safe, knowing that the Dash Cam acts as deterrent. With 360-degree movement of the camera you can always move right/left to record any incident intentionally which can serve as a proof later on.

Driver and Passenger Safety

To prevent Fraud

If an incident occurs, having a Dash Cams installed can ensure that every detail, like speed of your vehicle, the angle of the crash, and surrounding driving conditions will be available. With this information, insurance companies can investigate the cause and fault of the incident more efficiently and timely. This could lower the cost of premiums and reduce the time it takes to settle claims.

Dash Cam Is Perfect For Teens and Worried Parents

If you look at the online videos of car accidents and unexpected phenomena, you will see that most of them have been accidentally caught on camera and very few of them have actually been recorded on purpose. In other words, a dash cam can help you capture the things that you least expect them to.
Dash camera is perfect for everyone because it acts as a 3rd eye on road monitoring each and every movement.

Easy Plug & Play Installation

Built In G-sensor

G-Sensor works as an accident auto-detection feature that automatically lock and save the
video file when the car camera detected any kind of accident or tampering.


Additional information

Weight 0.36 kg
Dimensions 17 × 12.5 × 7.5 cm

6 reviews for Entrada X 1080P Full HD with 2-inch LCD Screen 140° Wide Angle, G-Sensor, 32GB Rubber Coated Security Camera for Car (Black)

  1. Arohi Makkar

    Best Dash Cam!
    Best dash camera at this price. Video Quality is good in this range.
    Night vision is average but still sometimes number plates are readable.
    Best buy!

  2. Subramaniam

    Dash camera with amazing features and superb video quality.We can playback the last video.The locked files feature is also good because it will never make us proof less in any incident.
    Built of the camera is excellent, different from others. Size is also good, does not distracts.

  3. Biswajit Roy

    Best buy, best price.
    Transferring the data was also easy.SD card gets full untill you make the features customized according to your needs.
    After setting that, i did not faced any sd card full issue.

  4. Siddharth Mehta

    I was so curious to experiment with some new brand for dash cams as I had very bad experience with my last buy. And to my curiosity this camera proved to be the best. It’s a must buy from my side.

  5. pooja arora

    Must buy product for everyone. Most secured and comfortable driving with this dash cam.
    worth a buy…seriously.

  6. Ashish Kumar

    I will recommend this product to everyone because I am using this product from last 3 months . Amazing video quality . Amazing features.
    Cheap and best.
    Five star rating from my side .

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