A Dashboard Camera (Dash Cam) is a specialized camera that continually records the ongoing movements on roads while you drive or even when the car is parked. It records everything happening around, Mounted to the windshield the camera turns on automatically upon starting the ignition and will actively record with an auto-looping mechanism. It uses G-Sensor auto-detection feature that automatically locks and save the video file when the car camera detects a bump or crash into the car. The video & audio recorded can be used as timely and strong evidence to address accident and distinguish responsibility.




Silent but Reliable Witness

You will be surprised to know that in every 25 seconds a person gets killed from car related accident. Alone in 2010, the records state that there were over 1.25 million traffic collision deaths in the world. You may be taking all necessary precautions at your end but you never know when you might get involved in an accident due to someone else carelessness. In such cases Dashcam becomes the only reliable witness that can recall the clear picture of the event and prove your innocence.

Every Road is a Ray of Light

Escape from the humdrum of life and travel – roads have their stories to share. With a built-in auto recording mode, your dash cam will always be ready to record and save the extraordinary moments of your journey. Be it a flock of sheep or a herd of cows or the green sparking grass, you will always be sure to have all that magical moments captured with ENTRADA Dash Camera.

Mount, Plug and Go

A gadget can become troublesome for a novice who has never operated it before. In case of dashcam it’s not so. It’s the simplest thing to install and get started. Simply mount the camera on the windshield and plug-in the charger and you are set for every journey. The dashcam automatically turns on and starts recording on starting the engine of the car. The best part is you need not worry about formatting the memory space every time as it will itself overwrite the unwanted old data with the new recordings if memory card gets full.

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